About us


We have more than 25 years of experience in the customs field in Mexico, experience that we put at your service, expressed in terms understandable to the general public, translated into quality services at competitive prices.

At DECKAMMEX we are not looking only for clients, we are looking for a close relationship of communication, of exchange of ideas that help us to consolidate projects whose result is mutual development, serious, long-lasting and solid relationships. "
What we do
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We consolidate projects whose result is mutual development, serious, solid and lasting relationships.


What we believe


Provide optimum quality services in the field of foreign trade, in understandable terms to the general public, with immediate response capacity and in accordance with current technology, under the precepts of regulations and legality that govern us.


Consolidate our company, as one that provides an optimal work environment for our most important capital, human resources. Since we believe that it is through them, their training, updating, permanence and development, as the most solid way to have a satisfied customer.

Our values