What is needed to import OSB wood boards?

Se trata de una importación que debe cumplir el pago de impuestos y sin regulaciones no arancelarias. En Aduaeasy.com We are interested in you knowing each of the formalities in foreign trade

Fraction assigned: 4410.12.02 NICO 99

Merchandise description: OSB wood boards (Oriented Strand Board / Wood chipboard)

Industry: Transformation

Description in LIGIE: Wood, charcoal and wood manufacturers. Particleboard, so-called "oriented strand board" (OSB) and similar boards (for example, "waferboard"), made of wood or other woody materials, even agglomerated with resins or other organic binders. Wood: Boards called "oriented strand board" (OSB). NICO 99 Others

Taxes: 15%


Permissions: N / A

Agreements and treaties: N / A

Census: general

Risk: 4410.12.02 NICO 99